Spicy Thai Style Lettuce Wraps

Spicy chicken lettuce wraps in a Thai style. | ethnicspoon.com

  Delicious lettuce wraps are a typical Southeast Asia specialty. I first tried them years ago in NYC at a restaurant recommended to me by my cousin who is a huge fan of Asian cuisine. I don’t think I could ever replicate that dish if I were to live a thousand lives. Nevertheless, here is…

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DIY: Make your own chili powder recipe and store in a reCAP flip cap. | ethnicspoon.com

DIY Chili Powder Blend

Chili powder is really an easy to make spice blend, and not just ground up chilies. Most people don’t really think about making it. They just go to the store and buy it. But, why spend money on something you can make at home? It’s soooo easy, and the best thing is that you can…

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Ten tasty tapas recipes for your next party. | ethnicspoon.com

Ten Tasty Tapas

Tapas are the appetizers famous in Spanish cuisine, and which in recent have gained popularity in metropolitan areas around the country. The word “tapa” actually means lid in Spanish, and some say the word originated because the original tapa were slices of bread used by those sipping sherry to guard their glasses against fruit flies….

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Turkish Portakal Salatsi: orange and onion salad with savory herbs and mint. | ethnicspoon.com

Turkish Orange and Onion Salad

This Turkish orange and onion salad is a great addition to any summer menu. It’s light, refreshing, and a nice deviation from the usual greens. It also lacks the usual heavy or processed dressings. The simple dressing of olive oil, and herbs doesn’t overshadow the sweetness of the oranges. I love this salad! The color…

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light and fluffly orange lemon pie|ethnicspoon.com

Orange and Lemon Pie

Fourth of July is around the corner and if you need to take a dessert to your family picnic, here’s a great idea for you: Orange and Lemon Pie. Nothing says summer better than citrus. This orange and lemon pie reminds me “a little” of key lime pie, minus the gazillion calories. This is a…

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Mango habanero rib sauce hot off the grill | ethnicspoon.com

Spicy Mango Habanero Ribs

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #KingofFlavor #CollectiveBias Aah, the flavors of the Caribbean. Warm tropical breezes, the smell of the ocean, and a slab of spicy mango habanero ribs grilled to absolute perfection. It’s not a dream, it’s reality! Spicy Mango Habanero Ribs?…

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A very easy recipe for chicken tikka masala made in a in slow cooker | ethnicspoon.com

Chicken Tikka Masala and its History

Today’s offering? Chicken Tikka Masala, the national dish of the UK! Its origins are Indian, Punjabi (northwest India) to be precise. The word tikka refers to small pieces of meat in the Punjabi language. Masala means mixture. These pieces of chicken are traditionally cooked in a tandoor (outdoor clay) oven, and cooked in aromatic spices….

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Turkish tomato pepper relish

Ezme: Turkish Tomato and Pepper Salsa

Ezme is a Turkish tomato and pepper relish or salsa that is out of this world. Think of it as salsa’s Turkish cousin. I had one bite at a Turkish restaurant and I was in love. I vowed to replicate it at home so I could enjoy it anytime I wanted. So here I am…

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Irish butter cookies recipe using Kerry Gold makes a delicious cookie. | ethnicspoon.com

Irish Butter Cookies

You’ve heard the expression “It’s better with butter”, you can now add Irish to this old saying. Am I exaggerating? No! Irish butter cookies will prove this to you. Irish butter cookies are to die for! They will literally melt in your mouth, thanks to the magic of Kerrygold butter. No this is not a…

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Fried Yuca

Fried Yuca Strips

Fried yuca strips, the Latin American french fry.  Yuca is popular in Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean. It’s the third largest source of carbohydrates after corn. According to archaeologists, yuca made its first appearance in the Americas  long before the arrival of Columbus. It is thought to have been a staple of Pre-Columbian people…

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Dolmas filled with rice, onions, parsley and currents. | ethnicspoon.com


Dolmas, from the Turkish verb “to stuff”, are the culinary legacy of the mighty Ottoman Empire. Dolmas form part of the meze or hors d’oeuvres menu of the eastern Mediterranean. The precursor to dolmas is thought to be the Greek thrion” a fig leaf stuffed with sweetened cheese. Dolmas can be found in Greece, Turkey,…

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