Guinness Stew

Irish Guiness stew made with beef or lamb. |

Guinness, that dark rich nectar produced in Ireland since 1759 is  not just for drinking. Leave it to the Irish to come up with other uses for their beloved native beverage! Guinness has certainly been around the block. According to their website, in 1909 Sir Douglas Mawson, the Australian geologist/explorer, left some Guinness behind at…

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Traditional French buche de noel Christmas cake with almond cream filling. |

Buche Noel

Buche Noel is the typical French dessert that graces the windows of pastry shops and tables of homes throughout France during the month of December. The literal translation is Christmas log. I recently had the pleasure of receiving detailed instructions on making the Buche Noel from a French native. She gave me some great assembly…

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Frico is a rusti Italian dish made with potatoes, onions and Parmesan cheese. |


Fricco?  So, what exactly is Fricco? Simply put, sliced potatoes tossed with olive oil, onions and Parmesan cheese. So humble, yet so delicious! It reminds me a little bit of the Spanish dish Tortilla Espanola without the eggs. According to one of my Italian friends Fricco is Italian rustic cuisine at its best original to the…

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Swedish gravlax: A salt cured salmon recipe makes a great appetizer. |


Gravlax is a Scandinavian specialty. Just to clarify, it is not smoked salmon, and I will explain why.  Gravlax is cold-cured in sugar, salt and plenty of dill.  I like to add about two shots of vodka, for good measure you know! The name gravlax comes from two Scandinavian words gravad meaning “to bury” and…

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